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​3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing) 

Utilizing our experience in highly technical and regulated processes, we bring manufacturing expertise to 3D Printing. Process capability is improving rapidly, allowing 3D printing to be utilized not just for prototyping, but for finished part production. We help our clients determine the best design considerations, print processes, and material selection, resulting in the best finished part quality.

​PRINT What additive manufacturing process is best suited for this design? What post processing steps are required?

​MATERIAL We help select the best material for your application including material property considerations to meet regulatory requirements.

​FILE We can develop your 3D file for you or work directly with your design team.


We create your custom 3D Design with features that accentuate the capability of each 3D printing process, resulting in better part strength and surface finish.


We ask the up front questions....what do you want to make? 3D printing is cool but should your idea be made with this technology? Is it economical? What are the quality and performance requirements? Can they be met?