Sapphire3D, Inc.  We assist clients by identifying and implementing opportunities that add value to their business through the strategic use of 3D Printing Technology.​ Our experience is in the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Industries, however we can add value to processes across many industries.

1900 East Golf Road, Suite 950Schaumburg IL 60173

3D Printing  (also known as additive manufacturing), has existed for over 30 years. Recently, rapid advancements in this technology, along with improvements in digital design, have enabled it to move beyond its use mainly as a prototyping tool into finished part production. We guide our clients thru all aspects of 3D design, file development, print process selection, and material selection to achieve optimum results. Most importantly, we help our clients determine when there is an economic and strategic advantage gained through the use of 3D Printing technology.

Engineering Services  We are Process Engineers. We study, collect data, analyze, and improve existing processes. We add value by understanding and analyzing processes, then help our clients fully implement solutions that improve their business. We also provide process and equipment design and project management services.